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Can I Switch Lawyers?

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Client/Lawyer Relationship

Maintaining an effective relationship between a lawyer and a client can be challenging. You want to ensure you feel understood, that your lawyer has your best interest at heart at all times, and they are capable. Some lawyers can be incredibly capable or efficient, but you don’t feel that they understand you or your needs, making the relationship more complicated than it needs to be.

Most situations that require a lawyer’s help come with some element of frustration or other emotions attached! Being able to fully trust your lawyer so you can be transparent with them and feel confident they are your best advocate is very important.

You should feel supported and understood throughout the process and have complete faith that your attorney can effectively represent you and be your strongest advocate.

Common Reasons To Want a Different Attorney

In some cases, you may find that after working with your attorney, they or their team handle issues unprofessionally, are chaotic in their process, or make you uncomfortable. Any case requiring legal help is an important enough issue for you to want to feel professional in your interactions with your legal team.

What if you feel that your case is being inadequately presented or rushed to settlement? It helps to clarify and provide your attorney with another chance to meet your needs, but if this proves futile, you can consider finding an attorney to fight for more of what you deserve.

As discussed above, even after carefully choosing the right attorney, communication may be an issue. One of the quickest ways to find frustration in an already trying time is to find that your attorney has poor communication skills. You want to feel like a priority, that your concerns are valid, and that your attorney can effectively lead you to a resolution. You may consider switching to another attorney if this isn’t the case.

Some cases may take longer than you wish them to. This may not be a direct fault of your attorney and could be based on how the judicial system works. Court dates can be pushed out much further than you’d like, and this isn’t something your attorney can control. Dealing with legal issues can be a time-consuming process

What is Substitution of Attorney?

Substitution of Attorney is the right of a client to change from one lawyer to another. A process must be followed that ensures the substitution is legal and appropriate. Steps in the process include filling out forms, filing with the proper courts, and notifying the opposing parties’ legal counsel.

It is important to note that attorneys also have this option. Whether dissatisfied with a client due to refusal to pay fees, distrust, or more, they have the opportunity to request a substitution just as a client does.

What Steps Do I Take to Switch Lawyers?

One of the first things you should do is research other legal teams that can and would take your case. You will want to ensure that you have someone else lined up so the substitution is seamless and your case doesn’t suffer due to the change.

Check paperwork to determine whether or not there is a termination clause. If so, ensure that you read it closely.

Draft a formal letter stating the reasons for terminating the relationship with your current lawyer and send it via certified mail. Include contact information for the new attorney that will be representing you and ask that your files and notes be sent to your new attorney.

It is essential to schedule some time to discuss fees or outstanding money owed to your lawyer. You want to ensure that you have attempted to refund any outstanding payments but also followed your contract to pay what was owed and are not in breach of it by refusing to pay.

Disadvantages of Switching Lawyers

The main disadvantage is that there are likely to be timing issues with switching lawyers. Whether it be due to needing to push pause and bring your new lawyer up to speed or delay communications with opposing legal teams or other pertinent parties to the case, this may cause your case to take more time than initially planned.

If you can be patient and comfortable with the substitution, it may be in your best interest to switch lawyers for the remainder of your case.

Choosing a Competent Lawyer

There are several factors involved when choosing a South Carolina personal injury or workers compensation lawyer. You want one with a proven record of success and competency and one you trust to share your struggles or frustrations with, so they can adequately help you.

We have worked tirelessly to become an advocate for our clients, and we are confident we can assist you, too. Call our office at (803) 500-0000 to learn how we can best help you move forward. It will be evident in our professionalism from the moment we answer the phone through to closing our case that we are a capable, compassionate team prepared to help you and your family. Call today for your free and confidential consultation.

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