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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum Medical Improvement Attorney

Maximum Medical Improvement, or “MMI” for short, is an important stage in a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation claim.

In most workers comp cases, the injured worker gets treatment from a doctor. Eventually, the doctor gives an opinion that there is no more treatment that would tend to make the patient get better, and that any further treatment would only be to keep the person at their current level. This is MMI. Sometimes people still need medical treatment after being placed at MMI, but this treatment, called “future medical,” can only be expected to maintain the person at their current level of function.

Once an injured worker is placed at MMI, it is very important to consult with a South Carolina workers compensation lawyer, because the insurance company is now able to request a hearing with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission to bring any weekly payments and medical care to an end.

In some cases, the doctor might place someone at MMI, but the person actually needs more active treatment, a second opinion, or further testing to be able to prove the true extent of their disability. This is where a workers’ comp lawyer’s job becomes very important. At Lee Injury Law, we are often able to get our clients to a new doctor if they feel they have been unfairly placed at MMI. This can result in more medical care, or a much higher settlement or award!

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