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If I Contract COVID-19, Can I Get Workers’ Compensation?


If I work around other people at my job and I contract the Coronavirus (COVID-19), can I get weekly workers’ compensation benefits if my doctor declares me temporarily totally disabled from working while I am being treated? Who should pay for this treatment? Is this a job injury? Should I hire a workers compensation attorney?

With all the hysteria going on about Coronavirus (COVID-19), you should have this condition accepted/declared as job-related if others at your job have also have been discovered as having contracted this virus from your workplace. Some insurance companies could argue that you have to show the burden of proof to prove that you were not exposed to and have not “caught the virus” somewhere else, other than at your job. If that insurance company or your employer takes this position, you will be in for a fight, until you can present your case to a judge (whose job it is to make such decisions). There is still the issue of whether the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an occupational disease or an injury.

All of these situations can be addressed with the help of a South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney in a case like this. At Lee Injury Law, we focus on helping you obtain the best possible medical care to get back to work as soon as possible, getting all of your benefits while you are out of work or on light duty, and then getting all of the money you are entitled to by law, through a settlement or the hearing process. We bring many years of experience in dealing with the South Carolina workers’ compensation system, and we provide the highest level of personal attention to each and every client.

To find out how you can benefit from the services of our highly experienced Lexington, Orangeburg, and Columbia workers’ compensation attorney, call Lee Injury Law for a free legal consultation at 803-500-0000.