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Can I See My Own Doctor While on Workers’ Compensation?

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Many people who are injured at work wonder if they can see their own doctor and be reimbursed by their workers’ compensation benefits. Different states have varying laws about what doctor you’re allowed to see, but in South Carolina, you must be examined by an approved healthcare provider to be ensured the visit will be covered. While there is nothing prohibiting you from being seen by your preferred doctor, you should be prepared to pay the medical bill out of pocket in case it is not covered by workers’ compensation.

To understand your rights and responsibilities following a work-related injury, please speak with an attorney right away. Your workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to recommend a trusted doctor and can give you legal counsel on how to get the maximum benefits possible.

What Happens if I Don’t See the Doctor the Workers’ Compensation Chooses?

While you can always choose to see a doctor that is not approved under the workers’ compensation insurance plan, the bills associated with any treatment may not be covered. It is always in your best interest to reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney who can tell you how to proceed if you don’t like the approved doctor. It may be possible for you to switch doctors, but having a lawyer on your side will give you the best chance of getting the highest level of medical care possible, which is the most important thing when recovering from a work-related injury. Contact our law firm today for a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer who will fight for justice in your work injury case.

Do I Need to Be Evaluated When Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When you are injured at work, one of the first things you must do is be evaluated by a medical professional. Before making this appointment, you should check with your employer or with the insurance company to see whether this visit will be approved under workers’ compensation. If the doctor is not an approved medical professional, you may be stuck paying the bill.

Anytime you are injured at work, you need legal counsel to proceed in recovering damages. You are entitled to compensation for approved doctors’ visits and for treatment in the emergency room, but you should have an attorney’s help to be sure you don’t wind up paying more than you need to.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Help with My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Hiring an attorney is a critical part of collecting workers’ compensation benefits. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you find the right medical professional, prove liability in your case, and decide how to proceed with filing your claim. When you’ve been injured, you don’t need to deal with the complicated legal process of collecting benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance policy. Let our talented legal team handle the legal details so you can focus on resting and recovering. Contact us today at (803) 500-0000 for a free case evaluation to see how we can help you.

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